monoflow LV

article number 22161-0001-1000
One-component metering unit with gear pump techology

The monoflow LV is a one-component metering system to process low to medium viscose materials. Our special strength is to focus on our clients requirements, to design individual solutions from our large base of standrard equipment. We are looking forward for your specifications.


Pictures may differ from original product

  • outflow max.: depending on viscosity, temperature, batch of material etc.
  • power supply: 3 x 400 V + N + PE/50 Hz/16 A
  • compressed air requirement: 6 bar, oil-free, dried, filtered
  • dimensions (l x w x h): depending on application
  • weight: depending on application

Picture shows one-component machine with 3 dosing units and surge drum - this machine is used for  surface coating

  • Siemens S7-1200 / touch panel / ethernet-ready for integration in future automation
  • SEW gearmotor, frequency-controlled
  • gear pump
  • digital pressure sensors
  • overpressure safety device
  • material shortage control
  • pot life control with visual and audible warning signal
  • signal lamp to provide a visual alert for system messages
  • storage tank approx. 26 litre
  • digital fill level control of storage tank
  • material valve for one component

depending on the application, positions may differ

  • material supply system (for example pressure tank) the design of the material supply is adapted to the intended use and to each individual client
  • heated material hoses and pressure tanks
  • mobile underframe 
  • hose elongations
  • flow rate control
  • pressure tanks
  • frames and collecting tanks for pressure tank or IBC-container
  • storage tanks in special sizes (project-specific)
  • different versions of application units and valves

more options on request

Collecting tray for IBC container
article number: 0006-0021-0007
Collecting tray incl. lying drum-frame
article number: 0006-0021-0006FB
Water application
article number: on request