mastermix LV eco p

article number 20222-0001-1000
2 component mixing and metering unit for bonding, sealing and casting

The mastermix LV mini is a manual 2 component metering system for the processing of low viscosity, reactive materials on an epoxid, urethan or silicon basis. The system works without any solvent. The mixing of the components is carried out by a cost-effective, static, disposable mixer.


Pictures may differ from original product

  • discharge capacity up to 1500 ccm/ min depending on viscosity, temperature and design of the geared dosing pumps
  • dimensions (l x w x h): 600 x 500 x 750 mm
  • weight approx.: 60 kg
  • air requirement: 6 bar, dried and filtered

  • 6 liter PE storage tanks incl. cap for A and B component (20000-9999-0053)
  • gear pumps for A and B component (more than 20 different sizes in our product range)
  • drive: engine, pneumatic
  • 2c-material valve with pistol grip (pneumatic) and material joint
  • 3m hose package

depending on the project, equipment can differ

  • workbench (frame) 20000-9999-0036
  • wheel-set for mounting at workbench
  • 20000-9999-0036R
  • different sizes of the material feeding
  • container or pressure tanks
  • 2 component sprayer head attachment
  • control with preselection counter and automatic shutdown when the preselected output rate is reached

more options on request

Base frame LV mini or LV eco
article number: 20000-9999-0036
Wheel set for base frame
article number: 20000-9999-0036R
Assembly set 2 l bin
article number: 20000-9999-0052
Assembly set 6 l bin
article number: 20000-9999-0053
Wooden transport box for LV mini / LV eco
article number: 9999-0014-0068
2-component valve
article number: 0001-9450-0000
article number: 0001-9450-0500
article number: 0001-9450-0500V
Pistol grip pneumatic
article number: 0001-9500-0000P
Sealing material joint 1:1
article number: 0001-9400-0200
Sealing material joint 10:1
article number: 0001-9400-0202
Sealing material joint 1:1 highflow
article number: 0001-9400-0201