mastermix LV compact

article number 24232-0006-1000
2 component mixing and metering unit for bonding, sealing, coating and casting

The mastermix LV compact is a 2 component metering system for the processing of low up to medium viscosity, reactive materials on an epoxide, urethane or silicone basis. The system works without any solvent. The mixing of the components is carried out by a cost-effective, static, disposable mixer in the standard version. As an alternative the setup of the mixing system can be based on our dynamic mixing head. 


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  • mixing ratio A:B: 1:1 to 100:1                                 
  • material discharge: 500 ccm till 5000 ccm/min (depending on viscosity, temperature and layout of the pumps)                           
  • mixing system: static or dynamic mixer
  • power supply: 3 x 400 V + N + PE/50 Hz/16 A
  • compressed air requirement: 6 bar, oil-free, dried and filtered
  • dimensions (l x w x h): 800 x 1400 x 1900 mm (dimensions of the machine incl. underframe for progressing cavity pump version)
  • weight approx.: 240 kg (weight of the machine incl. underframe for progressing cavity pump version)

  • Siemens S7-1200 / touch panel / ethernet-ready for integration in future automation
  • digital pressure sensors
  • SEW helical gearmotors, frequency-controlled
  • progressive cavity pump
  • gear pump
  • variable adjustable mixing ratio
  • dead volume free construction
  • optical and acoustic pot life control
  • signal light (visual alert for system messages)
  • overpressure safety device
  • material shortage control
  • manual dosage control
  • 2 component material valve with separate activation of the material pistons
  • mobile underframe, with wheels
  • IBC connection possible
  • tray for resin and hardener, for 200 l drum and IBC

depending on project, positions can differ

  • material supply systems for resin and hardener components (the design of the material supply is adapted to the intended use and to each individual client, please note in addition our brochure "Optional for mastermix-LV-series")
  • heated material hoses and heated drums
  • heated recirculation for resin and hardener
  • hose package with 2 component hand pistol
  • park position with automatic purging  (2000-9999-0018LV)
  • permanent mixing ratio control by volume measuring cells (2000-9999-0023)
  • tank empty signal with shutdown of pump
  • cup filling station
  • dynamic mixing system

more options on request

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