mastermix G 200

article number 2519-0001-1000
Mixing and metering system for accelerated 1c-adhesives with admixed water-paste

This strong and robust high performance unit was especially developed for requirements of modern booster materials. The infinitely adjustable mixing ratio is permanently controlled by a PLC-unit. The B-component (booster) can alternatively be processed from 600 ml foil, 310 ml and 1000 ml cartridges or 20 l hobboks.


Pictures may differ from original product

  • outflow max. approx.: 2000 g/min. depending on viscosity, temperature, batch of material etc.
  • A-side powered: pneumatic
  • B-side powered: pneumatic
  • power supply: 3 x 400 V+N+PE/ 3,8 kW
  • compressed air requirement: 6 bar, 600 l/min.
  • dimensions l x w x h: 1500 x 1000 x 1800 mm
  • height with swivel arm: 2500 mm
  • standard hose length: 2500 mm
  • weight approx.: 490 kg

Example picture with version for 20 litre Hobbock 

  • Siemens S7-1200 / touch panel / ethernet-ready for integration in future automation
  • optical and acoustic pot life control
  • signal light (visual alert for system messages)
  • material shortage control
  • overpressure safety device
  • residual materials optimized following plate
  • drum shortage control with pump stop
  • maintenance free pump sealing system
  • permanent mixing ratio control
  • variably adjustable mixing ratio in the range
  • of 100 : 1 to 100 : 10
  • base purging possible
  • 200 l A drum / B-component alternatively from
  • 600ml foil, 310 ml or 1000 ml cartridges or 20 l hobbock
  • B-component with gear pump driven by servomotor

*depending on the project, positions can differ

  • material pressure regulator for pulsation reduction for A-component
  • swivel arm prolongation
  • swivel arm heightening
  • working-hose prolongation
  • special painting
  • other drum sizes on request
  • cartridge filling unit (1c and 2c)
  • mobile unit, with wheels

more options on request

Material pressure regulator
article number: 0001-9988-0006
article number: 0001-9988-0006D
Swivel arm prolongation mastermix series
article number: 2000-9999-0048
article number: 2000-9999-0047
article number: 2000-9999-0046
Swivel arm heightening
article number: 2001-0014-0000
article number: 2001-0009-0000
article number: 2001-0023-0000
article number: 2001-0010-0000
article number: 2001-0021-0000
article number: 2001-0013-0000
article number: 2001-0018-0000
article number: 2001-0022-0000
article number: 2001-0019-0000
Swivel arm heightening incl. bearings
article number: 2001-0020-0000
Limiter for swivel arm
article number: 2001-0020-0007
Working-hose prolongation 1m
article number: 2000-9999-0012
Set of wheels and additional handles
article number: 2000-9999-0008
Hose support for optimized handling
article number: 0006-0012-1001
article number: 0006-0012-1002
article number: 0006-0012-1003
article number: 0006-0012-1004
article number: 0006-0012-1005
Slide mechanism with balancer
article number: 2000-9999-0011
Balancer for optimized handling
article number: 0006-0031-1/2-1,6
article number: 0006-0031-2/4-2
article number: 0006-0031-2/4-2,5A
article number: 0006-0031-4/6-2
article number: 0006-0031-4/6-4
article number: 0006-0031-4/6-2,5A
article number: 0006-0031-8/10-2,5
article number: 0006-0031-10/14-2,5A
article number: 0006-0031-10/14-4,5
article number: 0006-0031-14/18-2A
article number: 0006-0031-14/18-2
Hydraulic drum lifter 200l
article number: 0006-0039-0200
Wooden transport box for mastermix
article number: 9999-0014-0032