ecomix XS

article number 2252-0013-1000
Hydraulic two-component mixing and metering unit

The ecomix XS is a solid and powerful mixing and metering unit, which is uncompromisingly geared to functionality. Special attention has been paid to maintainability and robustness by choosing German quality components only. The ecomix XS combines well proven technology with an unbeatable cost/performance ratio.


Pictures may differ from original product

  • outflow max.: 3500 g/min. depending on viscosity, temperature, batch of material etc.
  • A-side powered: hydraulic
  • B-side powered: pneumatic
  • power supply: 3 x 400 V + N + PE/ 3,8 kW
  • compressed air requirement: 6 bar; 50 l/min.
  • dimensions l x w x h: 1250 x 1000 x 2300 mm
  • height with swivel arm: 2300 mm
  • standard swivel arm length: 1500 mm
  • standard hose length: 2500 mm
  • weight approx.: 540 kg

  • Siemensrelay control
  • optical and acoustic pot life control
  • material shortage control
  • overpressure safety device
  • residual materials optimized following plate
  • two hand safety control
  • drum shortage control with pump stop
  • maintenance free pump sealing system
  • dosage control
  • variably adjustable mixing ratio
  • base purging available
  • 200 l A drum / 20 l B drum

depending on the project, positions can differ

  • following plate heating A-component
  • purging pump to clean the mixer
  • mobile unit, with wheels
purging pump
article number: 2000-0202-0000
article number: 2000-0002-F1
Set of wheels and additional handles
article number: 2000-9999-0008
Wooden transport box for mastermix
article number: 9999-0014-0032
Compactmix 13 mm
article number: 2001-1015-0000
Compactmix 13 mm PTFE
article number: 2001-1015-0000T
Reed switch 3m
article number: 0004-0001-1501
Proximity switch M18
article number: 0004-0001-1004
Sealing gun
article number: 0001-9990-0000
Rubber nozzles for sealing gun
article number: 0001-9998-0024
Z-swivel joint complete
article number: 0001-9981-0000A
Non-return valve 8L
article number: 0001-0008-KRV08L
Back pressure regulator 1/4
article number: 2001-1014-0000
Reed switch with LED
article number: 0003-0103-0012
Pressure gauge 400 bar
article number: 0001-9999-0010
Trumpet mixer 15L 3ms
article number: 0001-9999-0013
Material joint complete
article number: 0001-9999-0039
Material filter
article number: 2001-0003-0000
article number: 2001-0003-0000A
Filter screen for material filter
article number: 0001-9900-0001
article number: 0001-9900-0002
article number: 0001-9900-0003
article number: 0001-9900-0004
Non-return valve 3/8”
article number: 0001-9999-0049
Non-return valve 3/8” liq.
article number: 0001-9999-0008EK
Wiping ring for 200 liter following plate
article number: 0005-0008-0022
Dosing pump 10:1 Teflon
article number: 2000-0221-0000T
article number: 2000-0209-1001T
Sealing set for dosing pump 10:1 teflon
article number: 2000-0209-1001T
Piston pump for A-component
article number: 2000-0220-0000
article number: 2000-0200-0500
Sealing set for piston pump A
article number: 2000-0200-0500
Piston pump for B-component
article number: 2000-0220-0000SI
article number: 2000-0200-0504
Sealing set for piston pump B
article number: 2000-0200-0504
Sealing for 20 liter following plate
article number: 0005-0008-0029
Lubricant 750 ml
article number: 9999-0002-0005
Ball valve 8S for A component
article number: 0001-9999-0043
Ball valve TEF 8S for B component
article number: 0001-9999-0004
Sealing set hydraulic cylinder
article number: 2000-0213-1001