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monoflow gear 20

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Delivery time: 6 - 10 weeks

Product number: 2141-0001-0000
Weight: 300 kg
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Product information "monoflow gear 20"

One-component gear pump system to process material out of 20 litre hobbocks.

The monoflow gear 20 is a precision gear pump metering system, especially designed for processing of fast curing one-component adhesives from 20 litre hobbocks. The high accuracy system of dosing allows the usage for a vast spectrum of different applications and provides a solid controlled and reproduceable dosing performance for a constant production quality.

Technical data:

  • outflow depending on viscosity, temperature, batch of material etc.
  • A-side powered pneumatic
  • power supply 3 x 400 V + N + PE / 3,8 kW
  • compressed air requirement 6 bar; 600 l/min.
  • dimensions l x w x h 1110 x 660 x 1700 mm
  • standard hose length 2500 mm
  • weight approx. 300 kg

Standard equipment*:

  • Siemens S7-1200 / touch panel / ethernet-ready for integration in future automation
  • digital pressure sensor
  • optical and acoustic pot life control
  • material shortage control
  • overpressure safety device
  • two-hand safety control
  • drum empty control with pump stop
  • 20 l following plate
  • piston pump
  • maintenance free pump sealing system
  • gear pump
  • material valve

*depending on the project, positions may differ

Additional equipment:

  • mobile unit, with wheels
  • teflon-coated following plate for 20l drums
  • swivel arm system
  • working-hose prolongation
  • special painting
  • cartridge filling unit (1c)

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Properties "monoflow gear 20"
Delivery Time: 6 - 10 weeks


Sealing for 20 liter following plate
Sealing for 20 liter following plate
Technical Information: Flat gasket / following plate sealing For 20 liter Hobbock / 20 l steel barrel To assemble on 20 l following plate
Product number: 0005-0008-0029

Non-return valve 3/8”
Non-return valve 3/8”
3/8" connection (inside) Mainly recommended for high viscosity (paste-like) materials Opening pressure 1 bar
Product number: 0001-9999-0049

Material pressure regulator
Material pressure regulator
Technical information: pneumatically adjustable stainless steel
Product number: 0001-9988-0006

7 piece(s) in stock
Sealing kit for material pressure regulator 0001-9988-0006
Sealing kit for material pressure regulator 0001-9988-0006
Technical data: pneumatically adjustable stainless steel
Product number: 0001-9988-0006D

3 piece(s) in stock
Gear pump 10ccm DD
Gear pump 10ccm DD
Gear metering pump with delivery volume of 10.0 ccm/ turn Inlet pressure [bar]: max. 50 Operating pressure [bar]: max. 200 Shaft seal: stuffing box Optimised for start-stop dosing Very high dosing precision Easy maintenance by stuffing box replacement
Product number: 2206-100D-D000

5 piece(s) in stock
Sealing set for gear pump 10 ccm
Sealing set for gear pump 10 ccm
Seal kit for gear metering pump version 2206-100D-D000
Product number: 2206-0002-0006

1 piece(s) in stock
Piston pump for A-component
Piston pump for A-component
Piston pump for high viscosity (paste-like) materials / for A-component Volumetric displacement 98 ccm by double stroke Max. material pressure 360 bar (dependent upon system) Stroke 100mm Depending on the medium which has to be pumped, different sealings could be required
Product number: 2000-0220-0000

Sealing set for piston pump A
Sealing set for piston pump A
Seal kit for piston pump version 2000-0220-0000
Product number: 2000-0200-0500

Filter screen for material filter
Filter screen for material filter
Replacement filter screen with 30 mesh for material filter 2001-0003-0000Alternative:0001-9900-0002 filter screen with 60 mesh0001-9900-0003  filter screen with 80 mesh0001-9900-0004  filter screen with 100 mesh
Product number: 0001-9900-000X

Lubricant 750 ml
Lubricant 750 ml
Lubricant to refill the oil cup from piston pumps and proportioning pumps after the weekly cleaning process. It can also be used as lubricant for the following plate sealings.
Product number: 9999-0002-0005

5 piece(s) in stock
Pressure gauge 400 bar
Pressure gauge 400 bar
Technical Information: 3 switches Diameter body-housing 100 mm 0-400 bar Connection G 1/2 at the bottom
Product number: 0001-9999-0010

swivel connection 08S
swivel connection 08S
swivel connection with 08S on both sides (incl. nut)
Product number: 0001-9996-DG10XXXX

Reed switch with LED
Reed switch with LED
Reed contact
Product number: 0003-0103-0012



Maintenance Contract
Maintenance Contract
Yearly preventive maintenance for your mixing and dosing machine(s). Preventive maintenance helps to minimize downtimes and increase operational safety. A maintenance contract will cover the complete history of your machine, which facilitates forwardlooking and efficient service. In the long run you save downtime costs and enhance the overall technical availability of your equipment. Your advantages at a glance: 15% discount on labor costs and travel expenses; 15% discount on spare parts, which are installed during the maintenance operation or which are ordered on the day of the maintenance work; Increased availability of the equipment and process safety; Faults are identified in due time, thus reducing the unscheduled machine downtimes; Advisory services provided by the service technician regarding the procurement and stocking up of spare parts; Regular exchange with (exchange of experience, further technical developments, etc.); Permanent development of know-how in your organization; Reduction of your labor costs; High operating safety.
Product number: 0000-0002-1000

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