Gear Metering Machines

Gear metering pumps allow volumetric metering with maximum precision and are used for a wide range of different industrial applications. The precise design depends on the medium being processed: For chemical fluids, for instance, we use gear metering pumps that guarantee accurate metering at high pressure, even under the most difficult operating conditions – such as with low viscosity or toxic substances. This type of pump is primarily fitted in our LV machine series (LV = low viscosity). There are also tailor-made versions of the pump used specifically for higher-viscosity substances (filled as well as unfilled). They are suitable for processing/use of silicones, hot melt adhesives, resins and polyurethanes, for example.

Gear metering pumps are designed as slab pumps. The gear wheels are fitted into the pump’s central plate with precisely defined axial play, so that the dispensing volume can be regulated accurately by varying the pump speed.

Maximum precision …

Various designs of gear pumps for high-viscosity media are used, above all, in our “gear” series, where particular emphasis is paid to very precise and even metering.

In addition to reproducible mixing ratios and output volumes, exact mixing and metering also requires low-pulsation application of the liquid to be pumped. In this respect, gear metering pumps are far superior to other types of pump, such as scoop piston pumps.

… even with disposable mixers

The low-pulsation material output offered by gear pumps also has decisive advantages for the subsequent mixing in 2-component mixing systems. Thanks to their use of gear pump technology, our “mastermix gear” systems produce optimum mixing results with relatively short mixing chambers: both components are discharged very evenly and there are hardly any fluctuations in material feed. As a result, a comparatively short disposable mixer is perfectly sufficient for blending the two components, allowing for significant cost savings.

The following diagram shows the gear pump in a “gear” series mixing and dispensing system, taking a “mastermix gear servo” as an example:

Component A and component B are fed from the container – usually a 200-litre drum of component A and a 20-litre hobbock of component B, depending on the mixing ratio – using a drum pump (in this instance, a scoop piston pump). In our “mastermix gear” series, we call these pumps feed pumps, as they are only used to fill the gear pump with material. Depending on how viscous the material is, our “mastermix LV” series systems can also use diaphragm pumps or other types of drum pump as feed pumps.

Next, defined quantities of the A and B components – as determined the desired mixing ratio and output rates – can precisely be metered using the gear pump; then the mixture is fed through the 2-component mixer and applied. To ensure maximum process reliability, our “mastermix gear servo” system features two volume counters that permanently monitor the volume flow rates of both components.

Tailor-made solutions thanks to superior technology

Our “gear” series metering and mixing systems combine the benefits of a variety of pump systems. They offer tailor-made solutions for even, high-precision metering and mixing as well as accurate application of a wide range of single component and 2-components sealants and adhesives.

At, we have accumulated decades of extensive knowledge about material properties and the processing of a diverse range of substances in our sealing machines, blenders, and gluing systems. This enables us to create efficient solutions based on our mixing and dispensing systems – even for the most challenging tasks.