Hot Glue Systems

Hot-melt adhesives – also known as hot-melted adhesives, hot glue or hot melts – are applied at high temperatures (with melting points typically between 180 and 200 °C). During the cooling process they solidify and form a more or less strong connection – depending on your preference – between the bonded components. As a result, hot-melt adhesives permit faster production processes: Joining and pressing times are shortened and there is no need for pre-drying of the glue or sealant. Insulating glass units, for instance, can be processed immediately after application of the secondary seal.

Hot-melt adhesives are available as granules, powder, film, or so-called hot glue sticks. The latter are most suitable for occasional use – e.g. for DIY –, normally with so-called hot glue guns. In industrial production, powder and film forms are more commonly used. Depending on the type of container, the glue is applied using various extruders or drum/tank melting units.

The monoflow 200 thermo is a temperature-controlled metering system for industrial use. The adhesive is fed from 200-liter drums. The optional tandem system configuration (fed from 2x 200-liter drums) permits a continuous production process. Heated follower plates, pumps and heating hoses ensure the correct processing temperature; the application heads of the hoses are fitted with customer-specific nozzles.

Our hot glue systems can be customized to suit your applications: the material to be processed, the output capacity required, and the application method you use (manual or automated).