Bonding, Casting and Vacuum Technology

As a specialist for mixing and metering units, we offer a wide range of products and systems for processing cast resins, adhesives, epoxies, polyurethanes, and silicone. The wide range of material properties and applications in this field calls for custom solutions, while taking into account specific local requirements and the manufacturing environment.

The glue, grouting and vacuum engineering sector is catered for by our “LV” machine series: This abbreviation (short for low viscosity) refers to the materials to be processed. Low-viscosity materials require a relatively low processing pressure of approx. < 50 bar. By contrast, our standard “mastermix” series operates at pressures of up to 350 bar for some high-viscosity materials.

System design…

The “mastermix LV” system features a modular design allowing for great flexibility.

  • In most cases, it is based on our “mastermix LV compact” unit and, in the standard version, equipped with two gear metering pumps for components A and B

  • Depending on which material is being processed, the system can also (additionally or alternatively) be fitted with eccentric screw pumps, diaphragm pumps and various other metering pumps. Our engineers will be happy to advise you on the most suitable pump technology and make sure you get a metering system with optimum performance, service life and reliability.
  • The feed technology for the two components depends on the packaging unit used by the material manufacturer as well as on the customer’s requirements. We offer numerous combinations – from pressure vessels and 200-liter drums to IBC containers with a capacity of 1000 liters.
  • For some materials, the feed lines may need to be heated, equipped with agitators, and/or operated under a vacuum. The following figures show just a few examples of different variations, ranging from various tank sizes to heated turnkey solutions for your application.
  • Finally, the mixing system must match the target application. In most cases, a disposable static mixer is used. The standard version of our machine – the “mastermix LV compact” – is equipped with a two-component mixing valve, where material pistons are controlled separately so each component is fed into the disposable mixer as needed. Alternatively, both components can be mixed using our dynamic mixing heads (for more info, see the section on static and dynamic mixing).

With our flexible modular system, each key component can be tailored to suit your application. What you get is a mixing and metering system that meets your very specific requirements. Thanks to long years of experience, we are able to determine the optimal configuration quickly and reliably.

Just tell us what your requirements are, and/or send us your material manufacturer’s data sheets.
We will be happy to assist you in finding your ideal solution.