Booster Technology

Boosters are substances which can be used to influence the setting time of adhesives within certain limits – largely unaffected by the ambient humidity. This makes it possible to ensure that adhesive joints between bonded parts set to the desired hardness within a pre-defined time window. Boosters are primarily used in the automotive industry, as short and precise cycle times play a particularly important role in motor vehicle production.

Our “booster” series is tailor-made for this technology: In these mixing and metering units, single-component adhesives are blended with aqueous pastes in a timed process. The series comprises two standard sizes, the “booster D20” and the “booster D200”, in which the adhesive is pumped from a 20 or 200-liter drum by a chop check pump.

Machine layout also allows for a range of different container sizes for the paste, the most common being foil bags (600 ml), cartridges (310 or 1000 ml) and 20-liter hobbocks. The mixing ratio can be varied between 2:100 and 5:100.

Thanks to the modular design of our “booster” system, besides the standard sizes we are able to offer machines customized to your requirements. Just give us a call.