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Training Workbook for Kids

Coloring book helps safely through the traffic

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How do I behave properly in traffic? To teach children how to behave safely by bicycle, the Verkehrswacht / Jugendverkehrsschule regularly carries out cycling lessons with elementary schoolchildren. To intensify the K & L publishing house has published a child-friendly painting and workbook with the Kreisverkehrswacht Kusel e.V. We think: That's a good thing!

That's why we support the project

The book teaches children of the third and fourth grade age-appropriately and playfully the dangers of road traffic, teaches correct behavior and prepares for the bicycle exam. They learn that traffic signs must to be considered, when a bicycle is safe to travel or why it makes sense to wear a safety helmet during cycling. The right behavior in case of a traffic accident is also communicated to them.
With the help of many local companies, the workbooks can be distributed free of charge to elementary school children in Kusel County. A commitment that we are very happy to join.
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