Window bonding mixing and metering is a market leader in the field of window bonding. A wealth of expertise, a high degree of flexibility and innovative solutions make us the place to come to for profile system suppliers as well as adhesive manufacturers and users.

When it comes to window bonding, the choice of the equipment used has a decisive influence on the final result. However, it is only possible to select the right bonding system once the profile system, bonding position, adhesive and the number of units to be bonded is known. The product characteristics of the adhesive determine which mixing and metering system is used. The bonding position and number of units to be bonded, on the other hand, decide on whether manual or automated adhesive application is used.

Our range of systems is perfectly suited to the wide range of different requirements and includes the ideal bonding system for almost every situation.

Bonding positions

1        exterior overlap
2+3    stepped IG
3 1/2  glass edge
4         interior overlap / rebate

Plants for Window- or Glass Bonding