Everything depends on exact proportion and the right timing

Automated bonding demands absolute accuracy of mixing and metering. By this means, industrial bonding is continually winning new fields in fixing technology applications and now ranks among the high-technology sectors in plant construction.

Engineering for modern adhesive and sealant applications

The t-s-i.de company possesses specialist knowledge in the sphere of adhesives, adhesive technology and plant development. We build machines that operate reliably and accurately. And we put our faith in quality.

With our one or two-component mixing and metering plants, we can handle every type of sealant and adhesive, from the highly viscous to the liquid, at room temperature or heated to as much as 200°C. These days, manual mixing has been superseded by semi- or fully automatic mechanical techniques.

Permanent monitoring and assessment of processes and reproducibility of metering, mixing and application guarantees a high standard of quality. To achieve this, all our components conform to the current state of the art.

Delivery systems may employ piston or ball pumps, membrane, gear or spiral pumps, as the application demands. All known metering systems (gravimetric, pressure/time, volumetric) come into play.

Component mixing may be static, static/dynamic or dynamic, depending on the material characteristics. Sealants and adhesives may be applied by hand, by linear systems or by industrial robots.

We combine know-how with technology.