An age-old technique becomes a factor in technological competition

Thousands of years ago, mankind had already started to practise bonding techniques, using raw materials from the animal and vegetable kingdoms. And even today, nature provides matchless examples, such as the Sundew, whose sticky droplets hold its captives fast.

Our field of specialization: „adhesives“

Bonding is both an art and a science. These days, the technique is used everywhere: from car and utility vehicle manufacture through the glass and building trades to aviation and space technology. The increasing use of high-tech materials is making bonding an indispensable fixing technique. Furthermore, reasoned, process-oriented adhesive technology brings improvements in quality and potential savings.

In Germany alone, some 500,000 tonnes of adhesives are produced annually, and there are countless types of glues and sealants. For this reason, companies applying adhesives technology need a partner who is a specialist in the area: the market is wide, with great potential, and specialist knowledge is crucial.

Our know-how is founded on years of experience in the field of sealant and adhesive applications. From this experience we have developed machines capable of meeting the needs of today’s industrial, process-secure adhesive applications.

In collaboration with our customers and with adhesive manufacturers, we devise comprehensive solutions to fulfil requirements.

Our knowledge protects your investment.