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X-Grid Static Mixer GXF-21-9 - thread G 3/4" on both sides

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Product number: 0001-9998-2109XFGG
Manufacturer product number: GXF-21-9
Weight: 0.094 kg
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Product information "X-Grid Static Mixer GXF-21-9 - thread G 3/4" on both sides"


  • Elements: Polypropylene - orange at diameter 10mm, white / orange at diameter 21mm
  • Housing: Polypropylene
  • 3x shorter compared to spiral mixers
  • Precision mixing tube suitable for robot applications
  • Purpose-built for mixing large viscosity differences or large concentration differences of mixing component A to mixing component B (e.g. 10:1 or 100:1).


Properties "X-Grid Static Mixer GXF-21-9 - thread G 3/4" on both sides"
Delivery Time: on request
Element Diameter (mm): 21,00
Housing Inlet: G3/4"
Housing Length (cm): 30,50
Material: plastic
Mixer Technology: X-Grid Mixer
Number of Mixing Elements: 9 Mixing Elements
Outlet Nozzle Opening (mm): G3/4"
Outlet Nozzle Type: G3/4"
Outside Diameter (mm): 29.30
SULZER MIXPAC: on request
Spare Part Filter: Dosing and Mixing
stamixco series: GXF-21-9