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Static mixer Nordson 7700932 160-840

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Product number: 0001-9998-0940
Manufacturer product number: 7700932 160-840
Weight: 0.03 kg
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Product information "Static mixer Nordson 7700932 160-840"

A metal protective pipe for the mixers is recommended if the working pressure inside the nozzle exceeds 10 bar (150 psi).


  • Elements: Acetal
  • Housing: Polypropylene


  • Material Valves for Hand-held or stationary Unit’s with electric or pneumatic Handles
  • Material Joints in different Versions
  • Ratio Check Cap and Night Cap
  • Retaining Nut
  • Protective Pipe


Properties "Static mixer Nordson 7700932 160-840"
Delivery Time: incoming status / on request
Element Diameter (mm): 9,30
Housing Inlet: Bell 16.7mm
Housing Length (cm): 35,92
Material: plastic
Mixer Technology: Spiral Mixer
Nordson EFD: 7700932 (160-840)
Number of Mixing Elements: 40 Mixing Elements
Outlet Nozzle Opening (mm): 3,05
Outlet Nozzle Type: stepped
Outside Diameter (mm): 12.95
Pressure Limit (Bar): 21 Bar
Spare Part Filter: Dosing and Mixing
Units / Box: 250 pcs (Units / Box)


Cap nut for 09er one way mixer
Cap nut for 09er one way mixer
With this nut you can fix the one way mixers with outside diameter 12.95 mm to the material joints. After you finished working, just remove the mixer, clean the surface of the outlet and cover the sealing joint with a night cap. For mixer product code 0001-9998-08... until 0001-9998-09... For mixer with outside diameter 12.95 mm Opening 13.3 mm Nut made of aluminium
Product number: 0001-9998-0010C

Protective pipe for mixer 0001-9998-0940
Protective pipe for mixer 0001-9998-0940
The protective pipe is used to attach static mixers to the material joints. It ensures a clean connection and thus prevents material from leaking between the material joint and the mixer. It also serves as a guide for the mixer in order to compensate for its elastic behavior and any shape deviations, which can be particularly problematic with long mixers. Attention: Only tighten hand-tight and without tools! Thin-walled construction for low weight and easy handling Available in different versions for different mixers Compatible with material joints
Product number: 0001-9998-0074