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Protection pipe for mixers 0001-9998-1224 and 0001-9998-1324


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Product number: 0001-9998-0059
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Product information "Protection pipe for mixers 0001-9998-1224 and 0001-9998-1324"

The protective pipe is used to attach static mixers to the material joints. It ensures a clean connection and thus prevents material from leaking between the material joint and the mixer. It also serves as a guide for the mixer in order to compensate for its elastic behavior and any shape deviations, which can be particularly problematic with long mixers.

Attention: Only tighten hand-tight and without tools!

  • Thin-walled construction for low weight and easy handling
  • Available in different versions for different mixers
  • Compatible with material joints



Properties "Protection pipe for mixers 0001-9998-1224 and 0001-9998-1324"
Delivery Time: 4 weeks
Material: steel
Spare Part Filter: Dosing and Mixing


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Static mixer Nordson 7701010 161-224
Static mixer Nordson 7701010 161-224
A metal protective pipe for the mixers is recommended if the working pressure inside the nozzle exceeds 10 bar (150 psi). Specification Elements: Acetal Housing: Polypropylene Accessories Material Valves for Hand-held or stationary Unit’s with electric or pneumatic Handles Material Joints in different Versions Ratio Check Cap and Night Cap Retaining Nut Protective Pipe
Product number: 0001-9998-1224

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Static mixer MCH 13-24G
Static mixer MCH 13-24G
Specification: Elements: Polypropylene Housing: Polypropylene (0001-9998-1512D Polyamide only) Helix mixer (C-System) version MCH (color: white) for mixing ratio 1:1 and 2:1 Helix mixer (C-System) version MCHX (color: orange) for mixing ratio 4:1 and 10:1 (0001-9998-1512D color: white only, fits to MCHX version) Use of wide-slit nozzles possible Mounting also possible on large 2c cartridges Housing Inlet: Bell 16.7 mm (0001-9998-0308MC Bell 6.95mm) A metal protective pipe for all the mixers is recommended.
Product number: 0001-9998-1324

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