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Hose support for hoses 26-36mm


Delivery time: 3 weeks

Hose support
Product number: 0006-0012-1003
Weight: 0.13 kg
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Product information "Hose support for hoses 26-36mm"


  • For hoses 10-36mm made of plastic material
  • For hoses 37-63mm made of aluminium
  • Holding bow
  • Hose support for user-optimized handling


Properties "Hose support for hoses 26-36mm"
Delivery Time: 3 weeks
Optional: Optional for mastermix-series


Slide mechanism with balancer
Slide mechanism with balancer
Content*: Slide rail for swivel-arm with two stoppers and connection plate Roller carriage inside the slide rail Spring balancer 4-6 kg with 2500 mm stainless steel wire and interlock (0006-0031-4/6-2,5A) Optional hose support or gun support plate for user-optimized handling *Content and prices for backfitting may differ
Product number: 2000-9999-0011

Price on request

Balancer for optimized handling
Balancer for optimized handling
Content: Spring balancer for different weights (kg) With stainless steel wire in varying length (m) Interlocksystem with item number A (arrester) incl. For user-optimized handling
Product number: 0006-0031-XXXX