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COX AirFlow 1 Sachet 400 Adhesive Dispenser


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Product number: 0001-5005-0000
Weight: 0.813 kg
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Product information "COX AirFlow 1 Sachet 400 Adhesive Dispenser"

Important: For use with the typical compressed air connections in Europe, a special valve socket (0001-5006-0014) is required, which must be ordered separately, if needed.

Technical information:

  • For 400 ml sachets
  • Floating plunger with tethered piston
  • Power 1.45kN with 6,8 bar air pressure
  • Tube length 337 mm
Properties "COX AirFlow 1 Sachet 400 Adhesive Dispenser"
Brand: COX
Capacity: 400 ml
Components: 1C
Delivery Time: 8 weeks
Drive: Pneumatic
Packaging types: Foil bag (1C)


European valve socket
European valve socket
Product number: 0001-5006-0014