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Your partner with innovative plant technology for processing sealants and adhesives.

Our mixing and metering units are solid and powerful high-tech machines. They fulfil all requirements of the processing of the modern 1-component and 2-component adhesives and sealants in a superior way. By using only selected high quality components of well-known German manufacturers and due to the extensive standard equipment, the mastermix-series live up to the highest grades.

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Customized Solutions

Modular and Customized for your Application

We are specialized in the development, design and manufacturing of semi- or fully automated bonding systems which are customized for the individual needs of industrial customers worldwide. From simple manual applications up to automated solutions, just send us your requirements.

Our company, t-s-i.de provides its customers with a comprehensive range of consulting, meticulous design, development, installation and commissioning services, as well as with a fast and reliable after-sales service.

All these make t-s-i.de your powerful and proactive partner in the field of bonding technology.

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A full range of accessories for mixing and dispensing systems

As a reliable partner for everything to do with bonding, mixing and dispensing and related technology, we also offer our customers a wide range of products including supplementary components and spare parts – comprising over 3,000 items in total. High inventory levels, for example of scoop piston pumps, metering and gear pumps, sealing guns, trumpet mixers and Z swivel joint, dispensing guns and disposable mixers ensure that we can meet your order promptly. Just give us a call – we’re happy to assist.


Technology that bonds

Product highlights

mastermix XS

Hydraulic two-component mixing and metering unit

mastermix LV

2 component mixing and metering unit with gear pump techology

mastermix blade

Rotor blade bonding system

mastermix LV compact

2 component mixing and metering unit for bonding, sealing, coating and casting

mastermix LV compact

2 component mixing and metering unit for bonding, sealing, coating and casting

mastermix gear servo

Two-component mixing and metering gear pump system

mastermix gear easy

Two-component mixing and metering gear pump system

mastermix gear easy compact

Two-component mixing and metering gear pump system

monoflow 20

pneumatic mono-component sealing unit to process material out of 20 litre hobbocks

Introduction around Mixing and Metering

Modular and Customized for your Application

Piston Pumps in Dosing Technologies

Optimum design of metering systems and equipment calls for detailed knowledge of the materials to be processed. Viscosity, abrasiveness, thixotropy, processing temperature, reactivity and reaction rate are all factors which influence the optimum process technology, and thus the design of the system – from the individual seals within a pump system to the configuration of the whole gluing or sealing machine.

If adhesives or sealants need to be mixed or dispensed, our systems are usually equipped with drum pumps. For medium to high-viscosity substances, we mostly use drum pumps based on scoop piston pump technology.

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Metering with Gear Pumps

Gear metering pumps allow volumetric metering with maximum precision and are used for a wide range of different industrial applications. The precise design depends on the medium. There are tailor-made versions of the pump used specifically for higher-viscosity substances (filled as well as unfilled). They are suitable for processing/use of silicones, hot melt adhesives, resins and polyurethanes, for example.

For chemical fluids for example we use gear metering pumps that guarantee accurate metering at high pressure, even under the most difficult operating conditions – such as with low viscosity or toxic substances.

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Progressive Cavity Dosing Systems

We recommend these metering systems for very abrasive and sensitive materials of low to medium viscosity with functional fillers: Eccentric screw pumps permit particularly gentle and low-pulsation feed; in addition, the output can be regulated depending on the speed, thus ensuring a constant material flow rate – meaning that pumps (including dispensers) based on eccentric screw technology are particularly suitable for special metering tasks.

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Casting and Vacuum Technologys

As a specialist for mixing and metering units, we offer a wide range of products and systems for processing cast resins, adhesives, epoxies, polyurethanes, and silicone. The wide range of material properties and applications in this field calls for custom solutions, while taking into account specific local requirements and the manufacturing environment.

The glue, grouting and vacuum engineering sector is catered for by our “LV” machine series: This abbreviation (short for low viscosity) refers to the materials to be processed.

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Booster Technology

Boosters are substances which can be used to influence the setting time of adhesives within certain limits – largely unaffected by the ambient humidity. This makes it possible to ensure that adhesive joints between bonded parts set to the desired hardness within a pre-defined time window.

Our “booster” series is tailor-made for this technology: In these mixing and metering units, single-component adhesives are blended with aqueous pastes in a timed process.

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Hot Melt Technology

Hot-melt adhesives – also known as hot-melted adhesives, hot glue or hot melts – are applied at high temperatures (with melting points typically between 180 and 200 °C). During the cooling process they solidify and form a more or less strong connection – depending on your preference – between the bonded components. As a result, hot-melt adhesives permit faster production processes: Joining and pressing times are shortened and there is no need for pre-drying of the glue or sealant.

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Static and Dynamic Mixing Process

Selecting the most suitable type of mixer is not as simple as it sounds. Key criteria include the properties of the liquids to be mixed – such as viscosity and material density – and factors like the desired mixing quality and installation length, as well as operating pressures, flow rates and the retention time of reactive substances in the mixer.

Based on the fundamental operating principle, mixers are grouped in static and dynamic ones.

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Intersectoral Solutions